July 2021 Newsletter

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So what's coming up at the club:

5&6 developments
We are slightly changing strategy on the refurb of 5&6 - all about timing and phasing.  See below for more detail.  If you don't read to the end (you know if you are one of those!) please don't complain later if you don't like what we do.

Wimbledon Men's Finals Day
Come down to the club to watch the Men’s Wimbledon Final on the 11th.  Strawberries, Pimms, bar open, BBQ on the go and then those still sober enough can roll in to Clubnight from 5.

Let Malcolm know if you plan to come so we can plan for numbers.

Tennis-a-Thon for Dementia UK
Ariadne and Paul are organising a Tennis-a-Thon on Saturday the 17thJuly in aid of Dementia UK.  If you can remember that date then please come along and support the efforts.

It should be great fun with lots of different things planned and something to suit all. The BBQ will be fired up again and the bar will be open.  The whole thing runs from 8 - 8.

There’s a lot of effort going in to this and it deserves your support, and your donations.

Bill's Memorial
The 17th was going to be Bill’s Memorial event, which has now been postponed due to Covid.  Jill and family would like to give us the bench before the summer is over, so that will happen around 13:00 on the 17th.

Clubnight seems to be working much better, with a designated member organising the evening with a remit to make it all run smoothly and organise some great games. Come along and give it a go.

Wednesday is by far most popular but you may have to sit out sometimes.  There is also Thursday and Sunday where capacity is less of a problem at the moment.

If you are at all interested in playing for a team, please contact Mark at mark.wolton@gmail.com and he will put you through to a suitable team captain.

There is a team for most standards so don't be shy!

For those with junior members, there is a summer coaching programme available – contact Ariadne for more details: ariadne2010@hotmail.co.uk

5&6 refurbishment - your input
We have decided to change tack slightly on the refurbishment of 5&6.  Rather than go for a single refurb, involving resurfacing, lights, fencing etc we have decided to break the project down in to two phases.

The first question may be, why do we want to resurface 5&6?  The simple answer is capacity.  At peak times, which tend to be weekday evenings, we have competing demands of:

  • Matches
  • Clubnights
  • Coaching
  • Regular organised 4’s such as Saga etc
  • Then ad-hoc members just wanting to play.

These 5 things just don’t fit on to 4 courts.  We can only have one of matches, coaching, and clubnights on at the same time.  Clubnight is now regularly getting 20+ people on a Wednesday, which is great so another couple of courts would help there too.  As matches, coaching and clubnights all want to have at least 2 evenings a week each, we get an instant capacity problem.  And that then leaves hardly any room for the many members who just want to come down and play.  If we can switch coaching on to 5&6 then the capacity issue is largely resolved.  Coaching and matches can both happen on the same nights with still 1 court free for organised 4’s / ah-hoc games as well.

So that’s the why.  Now what about flooding?

Flooding has always happened, and always will.  We just need to accept that, get the brooms and the pressure washer out when it does, and clean the courts.

So, some answers to other FAQ’s:

  • No we do not think there is anything we can afford to do, or be allowed to do by the Environment Agency, to prevent the courts from flooding.
  • Yes, porous tarmac is the best surface for courts that may flood.
  • No, the flooding itself does not damage the underlying court structure although we need to keep the pores unblocked by our own cleaning, and possibly slightly more frequent professional cleaning.  The courts are in the state they are because they are 10 years past their design life.
  • Yes, to keep them looking good, we will probably have to paint them more frequently then other courts that don’t flood as the more regular cleaning gives the paint a hard time.
  • And yes we have budgeted for the extra cleaning and painting.

So now the phasing issue.  We were going to go for one big bang, but bringing it all in one go takes longer and we could do with the courts ASAP.

So Phase 1 will be a standard resurfacing of the courts.  This is something that we probably should have done some years ago.

Phase 2 will come later, if the demand on the courts is there, for lights, fencing, and access systems to allow pay-per-play.

We have more than sufficient sinking fund reserves to cover Phase 1 and we do not need any external financial support.  It will cost between £33k  - £38k for both courts and some enabling ground-works.  In the past the committee would have just “got on with it” and not consulted members formally.  But we said we would consult on 5&6, so this is it.
The consultation bit for Phase 1
Our discussions with a wide selection of members suggests a very strong support for Phase 1 – resurfacing and getting 5&6 back in use.  So unless we receive 20 emails from members to president@banburywestend-tennis-squash.co.uk objecting to the resurfacing, by the 15th July, we will assume that we have membership support for this first phase.

If we get 20+ objections then we will go for a more formal members’ vote.

Any subsequent phases that may involve loans will involve a much more rigorous consultation, I promise.

So if you don’t want 5&6 to be brought back to life, please email me.  If you do want 5&6, or don’t care, you don’t need to do anything.

That's all for now.

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