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Future Plans

The club is currently going through an exciting phase of upgrade works to bring it back up to the shiny glory days of when it was first opened.

There is a core group of dedicated members who meet on a regular basis to allow the delivery of the above.

Since September 2022, there have been so many projects completed and commenced, we hope that you have noticed a few of them as you play tennis or squash or just wander through the grounds.

A list of some of the works completed:

  • Repair and cleaning of the existing tennis court lights (they had not been cleaned for 30 years)
  • LED lighting upgrades for all the general lighting at the club.
  • Insulation of all heating systems throughout the club.
  • Painting of the Club house and dug outs for that “fresh look”
  • Removal of the pine trees that were menacing to the club house (this was an insurance requirement)
  • Revival of the pond from sludge to the home of the goldfish (can you spot them- they like to sunbathe)
  • Removal of the self-seeding plants/ bushes and trees that gradually crept up on the club.
  • New overflow carpark.
  • Hitting wall revival, with replacement LED lights.
  • Squash heating controls to save energy and club costs.
  • Club house “smart” heating controls to save energy and costs.
  • General tidy up of 40 years of dumped trash in the club house, squash courts, sheds and undercrofts.

A list of some of the works going forward:

  • Ongoing tennis court maintenance regime
  • LED lights for the tennis courts
  • LED lights for the squash courts
  • Redecorate and painting for the squash courts
  • Redecorate and painting for the Club house
  • Continue the landscaping of the club
  • New branding and signs

To keep costs down, the majority of the works is completed by members for free. They are always looking for extra help, the club is a huge site and the list of works is ongoing. If you can assist in any way, please let us know. Your help would be most appreciated.

In addition to the above, there are days where a Call to Arms is put out to organise the working party. This is where all members are invited to come along and assist in the larger projects. Please, please, do join this if you can. The working party is there again to keep costs down and the more hands the better. It is also a great way to meet other Members that play at other times – or use a different shape racquet! It usually focuses on a big clean, a club house paint or even re tarmacking the entrance road!