Match Results for w/e Sunday 15th Sept, 2019

BWE Mixed B -v- Portcullis B (Babolat league – div 5)
BWE Mixed B had a much needed 5-3 win over Portcullis B but this is probably not enough to save them from relegation. Mike Robinson  and Andi Padbury at 1st pair beat the Portcullis 1st pair 6-3, 6-7, 7-6 and beat the 2nd pair 6-1, 6-1. Jeremy Turner and Susie Jelfs did really well to halve against the Portcullis 1st pair 7-6, 1-6 but lost 2-6, 4-6 to the 2nd pair
BWE B -v- Charlbury B (Banbury league – div 2)
BWE had a tough 5-4 win over Charlbury B. Jeremy Turner and Tom White lost 5-6, Jeremy and Mark Wolton won 6-5 as did Tom and Mark. Andi Padbury and Kat Kurgane won 6-5 but Andi and Jane King lost 4-7 and Kat and Jane lost 3-8. Jeremy and Andi lost 3-8, Tom and Kat won 6-3 and Mark and Jane won 7-4
BWE B -v- Byfield C (Banbury league – div 2)
BWE B had a much needed 7-2 win over Byfield C which ensures they remain in Div 2. Mark Wolton and Jeremy Turner won 6-5, Mark and Tyler Pettitt won 6-5 but Jeremy Turner and Tyler lost 2-9. Gemma Gardner and Andi Padbury won 6-5, Gemma and Kat Kurgane won 10-1 and Andi and Kat won 8-3. Mark and Gemma won 6-5, Jeremy and Andi won 8-3 but Tyler and Kat lost 4-7